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Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessment & Evaluations

Our Psychological Assessment Center provides brain mapping, psychological and neuropsychological assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Evaluations typically include initial interviews followed by individual testing. Assessment materials are chosen specifically to address the areas of concern and may include cognitive, behavioral, personality, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological tests. Following the evaluation, a feedback conference is held to discuss the results of the evaluation and relevant recommendations and is then followed by a detailed report. In addition, consultations and/or follow-up services may be offered.


Neurological disorders

Traumatic brain injury
Tourette’s syndrome

Psychiatric disorders

Anxiety disorders
Mood disorders
Oppositional defiant disorder
Post-traumatic stress disorder
Substance abuse

Developmental disorders

Autism spectrum disorders/Asperger’s Syndrome
Attention deficit disorder
Learning disabilities

Other Assessments

Family/ Domestic Violence, Trauma
Alcohol/Drug (DUI/DWI)
None Court ordered Child Custody Evaluations
Complete Pre-Employment Evaluations
Immigration and Naturalization
Psychological hardship Waiver
Domestic/Spousal Abuse Waiver
Political Asylum Waiver
Citizenship Waiver Cases

DUI/DWI related evaluation services

We at VCATTRC are specializes in court ordered DUI/DWI related evaluation services. If an individual has been charged for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs (DUI/DWI), reckless driving, minor in possession of alcohol, drug possession, or any other drug or alcohol related charge, then they may be ordered to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation. Also, in many situations, criminal defense attorneys will recommend that their clients undergo an evaluation prior to the court date or hearing in an effort to prepare for their case. We also handle DMV – DUI/DWI driver’s license reinstatement assessments.

Primarily, the purpose of the evaluation is to determine the extent of the defendant’s alcohol and/or drug use and includes a one to two hour interview process; the process involves gathering information about family history, educational and employment history, emotional history, substance abuse history and administering a clinical assessment.

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Evaluations

VCATTRC conducts various evaluations for individuals who are trying to get their driver’s licenses reinstated. First, for those who have recently been cited for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the DMV may require an initial substance abuse screening evaluation following a suspension. As well as for individuals whose license has been revoked, most DMV requires a Licensed Mental Health Counselor to conduct an evaluation and provide a recommendation regarding the reinstatement of the license.

VCATTRC Psychological Assessment Center’s mission is to provide comprehensive and timely evaluations using the most effective testing tools currently available. The Center is supervised by Dr. Nader Siahdohoni, who is committed to helping clients understand their mental behavioral needs and to providing them with tools and treatment resources that will assist them to live a healthier life.

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