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Pre-Alzheimer's Disease

Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease

Before Alzheimer’s disease develops, many people experience a condition known as mild cognitive impairment, abbreviated MCI. This condition causes memory and other mental problems worse than can be accounted for by age but not as severe as Alzheimer’s, according to the Mayo Clinic. The overall cause of MCI is not understood, but the following changes in the brain are linked to the condition: plaques (areas of buildup of a protein called beta-amyloid), tangles (twisted strands of the protein tau), a decrease in size of the hippocampus (a part of the brain used for memory), strokes, and the development of Lewy bodies, protein clumps also found in Parkinson’s disease. People with MCI experience moderate memory loss, decreased cognitive (thinking) performance, and may become depressed, irritable, anxious, aggressive or apathetic, according to the Mayo Clinic.

VCAT Treatment Plan

VCAT Treatment Plan targets all the area of the brain through the visual field, specially the area of frontal and temporal lobes. It stimulates neurons and raises the beta waves in all area for higher functioning and plasticity leading to possible memory improvement and delay in onset of neural network deterioration.

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