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Parents Watch Out

Parents Watch Out

Teens and Adolescents’ Mental and behavioral Disorders Related to Attention Deficit Disorders With or Without Hyperactivity (ADD/H)

Most individuals go through adolescence without extreme duress. Some, however, encounter major psychological, psychosocial, and behavioral difficulties. Problems such as depression, anxiety, aggression antisocial behavior and conduct disorder, substance abuse, crime, and delinquency characterize ADD/H. These individuals may be unable to form or maintain close relationships; have negative attitudes toward themselves, their parents, or society; and be without the necessary skills and abilities to navigate through school and other productive activities. While these difficulties are not the norm for adolescents, statistics documenting them are of serious concern to communities and the broader society.

What Parents should know about Attention Deficit Disorders With or Without Hyperactivity (ADD/H)

Attention deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity disorder (ADD/H) is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood, which also has been commonly ignored. Minimal brain dysfunctions, or abnormal cerebral structures, and/or brain’s chemical imbalance affect people so that they may experience periods of explosive rage that can lead to violent episodes, and thus violent crimes. These dysfunctions of the brain are typically diagnosed as attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), which is another suspected cause of antisocial behavior, conduct disorder, substance abuse, crime, and delinquency (Pratt, Cullen, Blevins, Daigle, & Unnever, 2002). Furthermore, ADHD is associated with a variety of conditions that are risk factors for offending, including neuropsychological deficits, poor academic and cognitive skills, truancy, psychological problems, and defiance and aggression.

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