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Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT) for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


ADHD is widely accepted to be associated with underlying neurophysiological dysfunctions involving the brain’s elector-chemical imbalance (dopamine) and brain waves discrepancy (Beta and Alpha) in frontal lobes and central cortex. VCAT is a breakthrough in non-invasive neuropathway therapy combined with brainwaves mapping in treating ADHD in adults and children. Discover how to boost your brain’s elector-chemical functioning, correct the speed of your brainwaves, and reduce or treat inattention, hyperactivity, increase concentration and your brain’s plasticity by exercising VCAT.

VCAT Treatment Plan

VCAT Treatment Plan is designed to address ADHD symptoms including overactivity, impulsivity, or a combination of the two, regardless of age. It targets related brain waves as well as the neural network in the frontal cortex. The brain waves associated with focused attention are called Beta. The brain waves associated with disorganized thinking are called Theta. The brain waves associated with hyperactivity are Alpha. For ADHD, VCAT trains the brain by increasing Beta to improve focused attention, and decreasing Alpha and Theta to reduce disorganized thinking and hyperactivity. These changes are eventually sustained, even after treatment has ended. This leads to consistently improved control of attention, with less time being spent in relatively disorganized mental states. In addition, VCAT’s stimulus will increase the oxygenated blood flow in the brain’s frontal lobe leading to attention, concentration, and memory improvement. Behavioral and nutritional therapy may be included.


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