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VCAT Treatment Center (VCATTRC)

VCATTRC is the IOP/PHP center for psychological assessment, evaluation, mental health and substance abuse treatment. It is also one of the most recognized center for brain mapping and neuropathway therapy, treating depression, anxiety, substances and alcohol addiction, ADD/H, and many other mental behavioral related disorders. Our centers use the most advanced equipment and technology in brain mapping and brain monitoring along with our most unique and powerful neuropathway treatment methodology “Visual Concentration Attention Therapy (VCAT),” developed by Dr. Nader Siahdohoni.

Most mental health and addiction centers provide traditional treatment which is not much better than you trying to restore your addiction and mental health on your own by self-medicating yourself. In most cases, traditional treatment is a dismal failure depending of the severity of disorder including substance abuse and the treatment is missing a fundamental key component, “brain rejuvenation and chemical balance.” This is why we experience relapses after relapses. Severe substance abuse and mental health disorders interfere with the normal functioning of neural networks and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin which are necessary for a healthy brain functioning.

VCAT is the most powerful treatment methodology in addressing neural network dysfunction and brain’s chemical imbalance. VCAT’s purpose is to change timing and activation patterns in the brain, enhancing the firing rate of neurons, improving brain’s plasticity, and regulation, which all can impact the underlying cause of many psychological and psychiatric disorders including addiction. VCAT is designed to target specific areas of the brain according to the presenting symptoms. Our brain mapping technology allows real time brain monitoring (Watch and monitor how VCAT changes your brain performance in a real actual time)​.  More about VCAT Read “VCAT-Handbook

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